Hi there! I�m Clover! I�m a one-year-old mixed breed baby girl (my mom thinks I�m a pit bull and shepherd mix). I love taking walks through the neighborhood and looking at all the birds and squirrels (although mom says I am not allowed to chase them). I also love chilling with my mom on her bed and watching all the animals and people outside from the window. I�m not a huge fan of being away from mom and I�m not so certain if my crate is a good thing or not, but mom and I are working on it being a fun place to be! I also don�t know why mom likes to take �showers� because the water is kinda noisy, so I try to clean her by licking all over her! I really like chewing on my Benebone and my favorite toy is my moose plushie, Morris. I don�t know what my cat friends that live in the house think of me yet, but I hope to formally meet them soon! My birthday, according to the shelter is 09/03/19, so I�m a September baby! I really like to train too because mom gives me lots of treats! She says that I�m really good at sitting and laying down, whatever that means. I can�t wait to learn so much and help my mom through life!

Dog Breed:

American Mutt


Sable and White


September 3, 2019

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