Drogo is a young male Beauceron puppy. He has been so much fun to watch grow and we are so excited his owner has decided to owner train with us!! His owner handler gave us a short description of him <3 He's so silly, he keeps me on my toes with his energy which I'm definitely starting sports for with him to give him an outlet for. He's constantly playing, constantly going until I say it's time to chill. Welcome to the SLSD family Drogo!!

There's not much he hates, he 100% hates the dryer at pet supplies plus but we're working on it, he loves people, loves other dogs, toys, treats, his favorite toy is this ham that squeaks and tug toys. He also loves anything he can chew on. He drinks water like it's the end of the world

He also hardly ever leaves my side, he goes where I go, moves when I move. If he's playing and notices I'm leaving the room, he stops and follows.

I think that's about it? I'm excited to go on this journey with him and you guys

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Black and Tan


August 4, 2019

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