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A little info about Springer John. He is named after one of my best friends that was murdered a few years ago. His middle name is for my uncle who passed away recently from Covid as well as the second pilot from the crash that occurred on my Birthday in Iraq. The other pilots name was Miles, the man I named my current service dog after. ?? So far his favorite things are in no particular order: eating, chewing on anything he can get his paws on but redirects to appropriate items easily. He also LOVES to be touching me or next to me. The most velcro dog I have has in a long time. He doesn't run or walk He has this sweet little trot bounce that cracks everyone up. He is the sweetest boy ever and I am absolutely in love with him. ?? He is not picky about his favorite chews or toys.. he will be entertained with anything. But is currently getting a lot of chews and bones to chew on with his dagger like teeth. He smells like puppy breath and water Buffalo horn 100% of the time.

Dog Breed:



Black and Tan


March 5, 2021

CGC Date:

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