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Scout’s Legacy Service Dogs is here to help individuals gain independence through the help of Service Dogs. We meet and exceed the high standards of the ADA and ADI, however we are not an ADI program ourselves. We believe it takes consistency, patience, and understanding to build the best Service Dog teams. Service Dog training is not a fast process, but we are here to help you through the entirety of  your dog's working career.

 How Scout's Legacy Service Dogs Started

Scout is the reason this company was created and has such high standards. When Scout was just a foster dog for Amanda she knew they had something special, even after only a week of being together, so she adopted the 3 year old Border Collie Lab and expected to save him from a life of hardship. Little did she know that he would return the favor and truly save her only a year later! After Amanda's PTSD kicked in to full gear and caused Amanda to have panic attacks in public, forcing her to stay home, he was her answer to gain her independence again. She trained him herself to work as a Psychiatric Service Dog so she could once again work and go to school like any normal 21 year old. Scout loved his job like no other dog has ever loved his job, and while he is no longer with us his legacy is one that many dogs are trying to live up to. Because of Scout, Amanda found what it meant to gain back the freedom she thought was lost and he taught her what her passion in life truly was.

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