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Scout's Legacy
Golden Retrievers

Scout's Legacy Golden Retrievers is dedicated to breeding healthy and well rounded Golden Retrievers with the purpose of having a job. Many of our Goldens stay in our Service Dog Program to help those with disabilities, but we have puppies from every litter who are sold into pet homes to provide love to others. Our dogs are fully health tested according to the GRCA requirements and raised on Puppy Culture and the AVIDOG Program.


About Us

Friendly, Reliable and Trustworthy is the Golden Retriever Moto

Welcome to Scout's Legacy Goldens. Many ask how I got my start in the breed, and it truly started with the love of a dog who was not a Golden Retriever. Scout showed me a life I would never have experienced, and I wanted that same happiness and help for others. Disabilities are not easy, but having a dog by your side can truly be amazing and helpful. After years of research and working with others on training dogs, I found the temperament of Golden Retrievers to be the perfect Service Dog for 80% of those who need one and are new to the service dog world. And then the breed became my favorite thing to live with and work with. I love my girls and the heart they give all the sports and training we do. Whether it is a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, or a family pet, my goal is to provide families with the right dog for them.


Picture's of our Life


All our puppies are sold at $3,500


To understand the reasoning for these prices please scroll down for more information.

Titling our Breeding Stock

Our dogs  are titled in many different venues to show that they are well versed and able to do a job before breeding. We love titles in Dock Diving, Conformation and temperament evals such as the Canine Good Citizen. Our dogs work hard and are versatile as the breed standard states they should be.


Health Testing our Breeding Stock

Our breeding girls are health tested according the the Golden Retriever Club of America Standards. We test Hips, Elbows, Eyes (yearly), Cardiac and Genetic Testing. Many of our girls have also had PennHip and BVA done as well as Patella's. Health is a huge deal for us and any girl who fails health testing is not to be bred. 


How we Raise our Puppies

How you raise puppies matters. From their first breath to the time they leave our home each moment is important. We work on Potty Training, Crate Training, Socialization, and many other things before our puppies leave our home. They are raised in our main area after they reach a certain age and are around our crazy life as well as working on different training aspects.


Service Dogs

Our Main Reason for Breeding

The main reason we got into breeding Golden Retrievers was to provide quality dogs as Service Dogs for disabled individuals. Because of this reason we have many people who come ask us if we sell Service Dog's in Training to those outside of the Scout's Legacy Program, and the answer is No. We will only place Service Dog prospects with those who are in our program.


Service Dogs We Have Produced



If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out the questionnaire below!


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