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Raising Puppies the Best Way

How your breeder raises their puppies matters. The mental health of your dogs lifetime starts when they are still young. We truly believe in raising puppies to be confident, outgoing, and have a started understanding of the learning process before they head home at 10 weeks of age. Here are some fun videos to show you what they do in our home!

Before puppies leave they get a Chiropractic Adjustment from In Stride Chiropractic! 

We raise our litters in our home surrounded by our other dogs, the day to day noises, and the crazy that comes with our life. 

While they are in our care they get handled often, lots of snuggles and time, and plenty of space to play for their age. We also begin potty training starting at 2 weeks!

Grooming is essential for Golden Retrievers, and learning how to accept that their body parts will be moved around and messed with starts at a young age.

Nail Care is also a big part of your dogs weekly grooming care when they go home. So we make it a weekly thing while they are in our home. Positive experiences in a safe environment will lead to happy puppies.

When we can we always find ways to introduce new things to our litters. Our winter litters obviously do not swim, but we love our summer litters to go to our dock practice after they have been vaccinated.

A small outing with their littermates builds a great confidence boost for puppies. We want to ensure our puppies are happy to travel and explore the world around them with their new owners

Letting puppies meet children and adults of all ages is a priority, but we also prioritize safe play with these children. Teaching kids how to respond to puppy antics before they play with our litters is important. We do not want puppies to have a bad experience or the kids to not enjoy them.

Crate Training is huge, and not something that should be started when the puppies go home, but should definitely start while in the breeders home. 

Feeding in the crate, keeping crates available for chosen nap times, and crating while cleaning are all ways we build their understanding of the crate. Lots of positive moments for the babies so they are happy to get in and take a nap. 

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