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Team Padfoot

I was so lost after attempting to owner train my service dog by myself, nothing was working out and we weren't taking any steps forward. I contacted Scout's Legacy Service Dogs and Amanda was willing to work with me and my girl to give us the best shot possible. Let me tell you, complete 180⁰. The trainers at Scout's are amazing and are always there to help you with any problems you may have. The curriculum was easy to follow and anytime I had any confusion over something I could easily get in contact and clarify what I needed. Anytime someone mentions that they are thinking about adding a service dog to their treatment plan I recommend they get in touch with Scout's as they are an amazing company that quickly turns into a family that is there to support you on your journey.


Team Peach

We have been with SLSD for almost three years now since we relocated from Florida. We chose them as they were the most highly rated service dog company in the DFW area. We were almost immediately placed with our dog and it was instant love for both my son & I. Peach literally saved my son's life. He is no longer suicidal because he can't leave her. Peach goes to public high school with him daily and really helped his transition into the new school with his severe anxiety issues. She had now been cross trained with mobility due to other health issues that have arisen and she has become my son's lifeline. SLSD is a family and we are always there to support each other. River, Peach, and I still attend outings even though she is fully trained and graduated as we would miss our friends if we stopped and the outings are still good for them as a team as we have learned a service dog team never stops learning and refreshing old teachings. I cannot recommend SLSD and Amanda Pratt highly enough.


Team Flo

When I needed a hand I found your paw. What a blessing to have found Scout's legacy and be matched with Flo. Amanda didn't turn us away in 2017 when Macayla was just 4. She listened, asked questions and said absolutely she could find us a service dog. Other organizations said Macayla would not be eligible because of her many disabilities. Flo is much more than a dog with a job. She's the snuggles in Macaylas bed to keep her from wondering at night. She's the magic pillow at the family Christmas party. When school time came she was the rock that Macayla needed to get on the school bus. Flo helped Macayla push in therapies and was there to nudge her when walking . These two were truly meant for each other . Amanda was super supportive when mentally I couldn't continue Flo's training and helped get Flo graduated. Having owners of a company not only understand the importance of a service dog for every one, but they are actual service dog users themselves made a big difference. Scouts legacy understands their clients and their dogs. We are forever grateful for them.


Team Echo

I joined SLSD because I wasn't sure where to even begin with training my own service dog and SLSD would provide me with that structure and support to do so without breaking the bank. When I first reached out to Amanda I was all over the place in terms of dog breeds but knew I wanted a rescue, Amanda reigned me in and found me the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. A 10 month old bully breed, that together we became Team Echo. The lesson plans that were provided by SLSD were super easy to follow, and Echo was so willing to learn, her only flaw was that she ended up getting anxiety as well.. about a year and a half into our training Amanda and I made the tough (at least for me) decision to wash Echo out of the program. The fact that the money I had already put towards Echo's training would carry onto the next dog was enough for me to already love SLSD but they went above and beyond that and helped me decide where to go from there. I'm currently waiting for my future prospect to be born as a Standard Poodle. Over winter break I had to do an internship for my school and chose to do it with Amanda and SLSD, it was a crazy fun rollercoaster that showed me how much all these dogs mean to her! I highly recommend her as both a trainer and a breeder because you'll also gain one amazing support system!


Team Atlas

“I’d been desperate to get my life back and when the option of a service dog came up, I began the search for a company that would provide just that. I’ve found what I was looking for and so much more. The owner training program is not only cost efficient but has lessons that are easy to understand - even for the most beginner handlers. I’ve found freedom, family and comfort with Scouts Legacy and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”


Team Drax

Scout's Legacy changed my life. When I was paired with my service dog Drax a few years ago it truly felt like things were finally correct. Thanks to the entire Scout's Legacy team, I'm able to enjoy my life and my world with a confidence I never thought possible. Drax is with me at my highest and my lowest moments with a work ethic and solid training I never could have instilled by myself. Amanda and the entire team are in constant communication throughout the entire training process and after, through any and every rough patch with a gentle hand and helpful advice. Drax is not just my service dog, he's he's partner, and I have Scout's Legacy to thank for bringing him into my life.


Team Luna

Figuring out you need a service dog is easy, finding one is hard.  Making the choice to look at owner trained service dogs seemed daunting and difficult, until we found Scout’s Legacy and Amanda.  No matter your experience with dog training (or lack thereof LOL!) Amanda has got it figured out.  We came into this with little experience and a bit of fear of dogs (on Mom’s side), but my teenager stepped up and took charge.  She was the driving force in getting and training Luna - she did all the training herself while still in high school (with some driving from Mom!). Amanda has taken the entire process and broken it down into easy to follow steps.  There were times I wasn’t sure Luna was going to do what other dogs farther along in the program were doing, but following the program Luna did everything at the appropriate time . When we were doubting our selves, Amanda and her amazing team were there to guide us and let us know that we were doing great and help us figure out what was not working when we had a problem.  The support from Scout’s Legacy is unsurpassed.  It is not just Amanda and her trainers, it is the community that she has created with the people who are training their own dogs.  Learning and training happens in group settings, as well as by yourself, watching other teams go through a training session can help you to see things you miss on your own.  I can’t express how much love and respect I have for Amanda and Scout’s Legacy.  

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