Introduction to SLSD

Thank you for looking into working with Scout's Legacy Service Dogs! Before you join our little family we want to give you some information about how we work, how to get started, and what to expect after you join!

The Application Process

The first step is to book a time to review your application with one of our staff through Services -> Bookable Services -> Apply Now. Once you have done this and paid the $50 application fee you will be sent an email with the application which we ask you to complete before your scheduled interview time.  


Scout's Legacy Service Dogs is broken up into different options, each with a different price, and different wait times. 

The first option is Owner Training. When you owner train, you follow the structure set up by Scout's Legacy as we guide you through the world of dogs, dog training, and Service Dogs. We teach our clients how to train basic obedience, public access, and tasks for their individual needs. We help our clients with finding and temperament testing dogs that best suit their needs and disabilities. Clients are also able to bring in a dog they already own, however the dog will need to meet all of our requirements and pass a temperament test. You can find out more about our requirements in Services. Owner training has no wait times within our company.

The second option is a Started Dog from Scout's Legacy. These dogs get a year's worth of training under their belt! They learn basic obedience, public access, and house manners as a start; they do not, however, learn tasks yet. Our client takes the dog into their home after the first year and finishes up the training under Scout's Legacy's supervision just like our Owner Trainers. We help with the task training and getting the team working together nicely to make sure they graduate as a team and are fully bonded. There is always a waitlist for this program.

The last option is a Fully Trained Service Dog. This is where we spend two years training and preparing the  dog to be ready for our client. We do all basic obedience, public access, and task training. The dog is placed as a fully trained dog, but we do tell our clients that they are still required to spend time training and working their dogs under our supervision before we graduate a team. There is always a wait list for this program.

You can find more information on these programs and their cost on the in Services.

Wait Lists

Because it takes approximately 2 years to train a dog start to finish, and because of the high demand, there is always a wait list for our Started and Fully Trained Dogs. Once we have a certain number of clients on the wait list, we close the list as we wait for dogs to graduate. If at the time you want to apply these lists are closed, please check back at a later date. 

Temperament Testing

Every dog that enters any one of our programs has to pass our temperament test. During this test we look for things like drive, disposition, problem solving skills, confidence, and any other signs that point to whether or not this dog would do well as a Service Dog. We look for innate behavior only, trained behaviors are not taken into consideration. You can find more details on temperament testing in Services.

Payment Plans

We do offer payment plans to help spread out the cost. Each program has a deposit, and the remainder of the cost will get divided over a certain number of months. You can find the exact detail about each program's payment plan in Services.


In the Owner Training Program the dog is owned by the client. In the Started and Fully Trained Dog Programs, the dog is owned by Scout's Legacy Service Dogs until the client and dog graduate and all payments have been made. 

 Matching Process

Matching is done during the latter part of the training process, once we get a good feel for the dog's temperament and abilities. We will match you with the dog who's skills best align with your needs, and therefore we cannot take factors like the dog's breed or gender into consideration.


Before applying for one of our programs, we highly recommend reading the book "Six Feet to Independence: Understanding Life with a Service Dog" by Lauryn Walton. As one of our Owner Trainers, Lauryn has a unique insight into not only our company, but also about life with a Service Dog and the training process.



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