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Stone Path Dance the Ceilidh



Stirling was one of those opportunities you cannot pass on. We had our plans for 2022 in place, but the stars aligned and Stirling was meant to be with us!! She is still young but we are loving her more and more everyday as she shows us how confident she is, how much she loves training, and how well she does with pack life. Watch her in the ring more and more in 2023 and 2024!


November 24, 2021

Co Owned with Libby Benson "Stone Path Goldens"

Health Testing

Hip Score: OFA Fair

Elbow Score: OFA Normal

Eye Clearance: OFA Normal

Heart Clearance: Normal Echo

CHIC #: 190250

Genetic Testing

PRA-1: Cleared By Embark

PRA-2: Cleared By Embark

PRCD: Cleared By Embark

NCL: Cleared By Embark

DM: Cleared By Embark

ICH-1: Cleared by Embark

ICH-2: Cleared by PawPrint Genetics

Puppies Produced

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