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National CH Scout's Che Bella Costa TKN VHMP CCA



Syracuse is one of our Guardian home girls. We cannot keep all the dogs in the same home at this time, or else we would be more of a kennel, and Goldens love their people so much that it is unfair to them to do that. So she is living with a close family member of Amanda's and comes to visit often! She is our bird dog through and through, loves retrieving, and watching all birds she finds. She is doing well living the apartment life and makes friends with anyone she meets. While at the CCA event judges commented on how much they love her reach and drive while moving, but of course she is a long girl in the loin so our goals will be to shorten that with our breeding's.


April 11, 2020

Co Owned with Stefani

Health Testing

Hip Score: OFA Good

Elbow Score: OFA Normal

Eye Clearance: OFA Breeder Options

Heart Clearance: OFA Normal

CHIC #: 170625

Genetic Testing

PRA-1: Cleared By Embark

PRA-2: Cleared By Embark

PRCD: Cleared By Embark

NCL: Cleared By Embark

DM: Cleared By Embark

ICH-1: Cleared by Embark

ICH-2: Cleared by PawPrint Genetics

Puppies Produced

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