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We have a few breeding's planned for 2023!!

We have breeding plans for Magnolia, Syracuse, and Aberdeen for 2023. If health testing goes well we will look into breeding Berlin. At this time we are more focused on our older girls and some titles!

Upcoming Litter

National CH Scout's Che Bella Costa TKN VHMP CCA

Syracuse will be coming into season in September

Syracuse is another one of our girls who will be bred for her first time. She is our biggest female at 70 pounds and 23 inches at the withers. We purchased this girl in hopes for big puppies for Service Dog work and Mobility purposes. Her sweet demeanor and happy attitude will make for some amazing puppies. She has been an easy one to live with, currently resides with a close family member in an apartment complex, and is always happy to be running around and meeting anyone she can. She received nice remarks at the CCA evaluation!

Puppies will go home in February

Upcoming Litter

CH UCH Etadoro Stone Path to Magic TKN VHMP CGCA CGCU UJJ
Puppies will go home in January

Aberdeen will be coming into season in August

Aberdeen is our next girl to be bred! She just finished her Championship title and we are so eager to see how she does in the whelping box <3 

Aberdeen is full of joy, she is our class clown, and my best cuddle bug. She is a nice mover and is being paired with a gorgeous boy!! Might have a show home available and a few pet homes after Service Dog picks are done.

Born on July 16, 2022

The Pasta Litter
Blake x Brooklyn

Brooklyn is our Dock Diving QUEEN. She is our easiest dog in home, so chill and so sweet. Blake is a stunning boy who has produced well rounded babies with great structure.  This litter was exactly what we hoped for as 3 puppies went into Service Dog homes. 1 girl is in a sport home and 3 are fabulous pets for the most perfect families.

December 11, 2022

Country Love Songs
Callahan x Carly

We are thrilled to announce that Carly had a litter of 7 gorgeous puppies!! 4 Boys and 3 Girls. Our litter proved to be everything we had hoped as 4 puppies head into show homes, 3 are in Service Dog homes, and 1 is an AMAZING pet <3 Could not be more in love with the temperament and structure these babies brought us.

May 22, 2023

The Candy Litter
Mulligan x Magnolia

Magnolia gave us 6 beautiful babies. 3 boys and 3 girls, all thriving and doing well. We are excited to watch them mature and grow! We have 1 girl looking for a pet home!

Magnolia is one of our best girls. She has drive, passion, and the temperament and health to make us excited for her future everyday. It helps that she is so pretty as well <3 

Mulligan is a dream stud with temperament and looks that will bring this litter up as one of our all time favorites. We may have puppies available, but truly think we will get plenty of Service Dog candidates for the program if these babies are anything like their parents.

Born on May 24, 2022

Greek Mythology Litter
Rookie x Carly

Our second litter was a huge dream to raise. The litter turned out with very consistent temperaments and drive that we are excited to announce both boys and one of the girls is joining our service dog program. We are keeping one of the girls as a show dog and breeding prospect and our last girl is heading home to be an amazing pet! 

Born on June 7, 2021

The Dream Litter
Bruce x Magnolia

Our  first litter with Scout's Legacy was with our girl Magnolia! It only produced 3 puppies, 2 females and 1 male. We had 1 female and the male puppies go to Pet Homes, while our pick puppy stayed back in our program to join our Breeding Program and is a Junior Dog and Service Dog to a Junior Handler. We love the temperaments these babies have, as they are so calm and so confident with the world around them.

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