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Here’s Atlas! He loves socks, paper products, sprinting in big fields, sleeping with his feet in the air and always being close to mom. Can you say energy?!
He loves to be on the go consistently, which is a perfect fit for his handler who is always on the go too. Atlas is even tempered, very smart and eager to learn! He and his handler go on many adventures together with the freedom he has given her, including climbing an actual mountain!
Atlas is a fully trained Medical Response Service dog- though the training never truly ends. He and his handler look forward to strengthening an already strong bond.

This dog has been sponsored by The Jordon Lenamon Foundation.

Dog Breed:

Labrador Retriever




October 3, 2020

CGC Date:

March 5, 2022

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Jul 23, 2022

CGCU Date:

Mar 19, 2022

PAT Date:

Jul 23, 2022


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