My name is Baylor. I was born August 10,2020. My family and my brother, Boatie, brought me home October 4th. I have 3 human siblings, Andrew (who is 18y and in college- he comes home every weekend to see me, though!), Grace is 15y and Will who is 13y. I have 2 older dog brothers- Hogan and Charlie, but they do not like me or my brother very much. I am very curious and love to explore and meet people. I love to chew on anything that is not mine, like mom's sweaters and dad's shoes. My favorite thing to play with, though, is Boatie?? We love to roll around and wrestle together until we get tired and pass out on our bed. Grace is in charge of training me and we have been working on learning my name and sitting and waiting. I can sit ok but I love treats so it is hard to wait!

Dog Breed:

Labrador Retriever




August 10, 2020

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