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Bella is a sweet natured puppy who is learning quickly. Bella was born 7/31/21 and has 10 other brothers and sister s from same litter. She loves to cuddle and loves praise. When Bella was picked up from breeder, I had all the kids and my husband with us. When the breeder opened the front door, Bella by passed me and 2 others just to make a B-line to my son, for whom Bella will belong too. It was great to see that instinctually, she knew who needed her the most. Bella, has been great about her crate and sleeping at night. The first night she cried 3 times and has been quiet ever since. She is staying dry at night in her crate, but still struggling a bit during the day. She knows what "Go Potty" means and does pretty good about going each time we take out her out. She is funny though in that, I think she knows her name already, but chooses to not respond (just like my kids). She will respond a few times and then continues on her way, but if she gets in trouble and you say her name, she will immediately stop and come to you ?? Little stinker. Bella is getting along with the other dog in the house and the kids just adore her. She are practicing name calling, Go Potty and allowed versus not allowed chewing this week.

UPDATE! Bella has GRADUATED and is working full time with her kid and family. We are so proud of this girl and all the hard work they have done to get here.

Dog Breed:

Golden Retriever


Light Golden


July 31, 2021

CGC Date:

February 17, 2024

Graduation Date:

Apr 20, 2024

CGCA Date:

Feb 17, 2024

CGCU Date:

Feb 17, 2024

PAT Date:

Apr 20, 2024


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