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Presenting the long legged, sweetheart that is my Bucky Bee! He loves every toy, in fact he brings them all to bed with him before he falls asleep so that none of them feel left behind! He is super smart and friendly, loves his treats and bully sticks (stinkyyyy). His long legs get in the way at times, when cuddling with me and when laying down or walking.

Bucky has been working hard with his handler and traveling the US throughout his training! He is halfway there and we are excited about where this adventure will take them.

This dog has been sponsored by The Jordon Lenamon Foundation.

Dog Breed:

American Mutt (Great Pyrenees Lab Mix)




April 15, 2020

CGC Date:

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

CGCU Date:

PAT Date:


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