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Burrito is in training to be a multipurpose service dog, including mobility tasks and medical alerts. One of Burrito's many nicknames is Busy Bee—at 3.5 months old, he continually explores the world around him. He loves puzzle mazes, food toys and chews, and his Skineeez cow—and also scarves and socks and paper products! He loves to make buddies with our older cat and retiring service dog. We are awed by how loving he is. He loves to follow his person.

When our older dog had a wrenching and painful partial seizure last weekend, Griffin and the cat came to comfort him, Griffin circling close to his head. I’ve been surprised that even as a puppy that when we do the name game he usually circles back right away—he finds us more fun and interesting than great treats.

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May 24, 2023

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