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Chiki is one of the pups joining us from the MADE Merger <3 Chiki is thought to be a Catahoula Heeler mix and she is as CUTE as can be. Chiki is beyond smart and adores her handler and learning with her. Watching this team work is always a highlight of the month!! We are very excited to watch Team Chiki grow into the team we know they can be!!

Chiki has been graduated for awhile now and we still love hearing about their adventures. They are playing in more venues and working on building their skills in Rally! But her favorite thing is still working for her Handler.

Dog Breed:

Heeler Catahoula Mix


Brown with spots


June 30, 2018

CGC Date:

March 5, 2022

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Mar 18, 2022

CGCU Date:

Mar 18, 2022

PAT Date:


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