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This sweet boy came to us from PAWS and did not respond to his shelter (and it was horrible, so thankfully PAWS Amanda changed it to Chopper). I renamed him Copper and sometimes call him "Cop" for short (he only responds to those now). I work for a precious metals company and I really like that copper can be used in many ways, as tools, in jewelry, as art, even a color, yet at its core - it is the same element.
Copper has been such an amazing addition to my life the past two weeks! We will be celebrating our "gotchu date" on August 23 every year.
We went to the vet yesterday and EVERYBODY commented on how sweet and well behaved he acts. The vet said he is about 18 months old (est bday early spring 2019), 70 lbs and does not need to gain *any* weight even though he has some baggy skin and ribs showing.
He has a 48" kennel that he stays in while I am at work and when he cannot be supervised. My mom lets him out to play and potty a couple times a day while I am gone and he HATES going in his kennel. He much prefers it store his toys, bed, and water.
He is very food motives and LOVES toys! His favorite toys right now are an orka tire, orange rope, and nylabone kong.
Copper plays very well with elderly, diabetic Titan. He is gentle with his rope because he likes when Titan tugs a bit. Titan has been enjoying having a buddy to play with and has been very helpful in house rules and keeping Copper from getting too rowdy.
He likes to watch the same things on TV as I do, cuddle, show affection, play, and go on walks!

This dog has been sponsored by The Jordon Lenamon Foundation.

Dog Breed:

Hound Mix


Brown and White


March 5, 2019

CGC Date:

July 15, 2023

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Nov 11, 2023

CGCU Date:

PAT Date:


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