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Dory is apart of our Finding Nemo Litter. She is half Rotweiller and part Lab Mastiff. Dory has been a full working Service Dog for a young woman for awhile and they are growing and learning the world more and more everyday. The amount of independence she provides is amazing. She knows task for Mobility, Medical Response, and Psychiatric work. UPDATE: Dory is loving her work as a Mobility and Medical Response Service Dog. She has a German Shepherd sibling now and is playing in Agility and Rally and has helped her handler become so much more independent in her life. We are proud of Team Dory and all their accomplishments!!

Dog Breed:

Rotweller Lab Mastiff mix




April 5, 2016

CGC Date:

June 15, 2019

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Jun 15, 2019

CGCU Date:

Jun 15, 2019

PAT Date:

Jun 17, 2019


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