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Flo is apart of our Finding Nemo Litter. She is half Rottweiler and part Lab Mastiff. Flo is working with a young handler who needs her, and we are excited to watch their progress together! Flo is so smart and has so much energy and is ready to learn almost all day. Scout's Legacy " We have loved being with her through this training experience and know she will go on to do better things once she has finished training!!" Handler " Flo is the extra support and encaouragement for her young handler . Flo was the missing piece. Together these two are a storm ;that is fierce, bold and brave . " Mighty Team Flo conquering Cohen syndrome one day at a time.

Dog Breed:

Rotweller Lab Mastiff mix




April 5, 2016

CGC Date:

December 18, 2021

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Dec 18, 2021

CGCU Date:

Dec 18, 2021

PAT Date:

Dec 18, 2021


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