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Friday is a female Golden Retriever from our Greek Mythology litter and she is an absolute blast! She is spunky, goofy, sweet, confident, and super smart, all wrapped up into one adorable package. Her favorite things are giving hugs, pouncing on her toys, and running around the yard with the other dogs in the house. Friday is in training to help her handler with Psychiatric Alert/Response, Medical Alert/Response, and Mobility, so she will be a multipurpose service dog. She is such an amazing dog and we have no doubt that she will go far.

She is apart of the Sponsorship Program through the Jordan Lenamon Foundation.

Dog Breed:

Golden Retriver




May 24, 2022

CGC Date:

November 11, 2023

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

CGCU Date:

PAT Date:


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