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Granby's handler wrote her bio!

This is my sweet girl Granby. She has kind of been in service dog training for a couple years now. She has been a foster sister to baby Hulk who is her bud! Granby was rescued as a 4 week old pup thrown out of what we are pretty sure was a drug house. She was pretty sick and needed LOTS of TLC. She started to train with Veronique Clarke, and whala we got connected with Scout's Legacy. We decided to become puppy raisers for Hulk, and I did not realize that my sweet Granby was actually starting to learn to work for me. We are starting the journey a little late in the game but this sweet girl has a little jump start from following her brother Hulk. She LOVES to suck her Sloths and we keep a DOZEN on standby for her. She also is a HUGE fan of Yak chews and Stella and Chewys. As you can see our girl does NOT skip meals. Granby is a BIT socially awkward and THINKS EVERYBODY wants to PLAY with her, this will be her BIGGEST training obstacle. She is up for the challenge though. I never EVER thought a bully breed would be my world, but she certainly is. I look so forward to becoming the BEST TEAM we can be!

Dog Breed:

American Pit Bull Terrier




January 30, 2018

CGC Date:

July 15, 2023

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

CGCU Date:

Jul 15, 2023

PAT Date:


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