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Hi! My name is Helo! Since I can't use a computer, my new Mom is writing for me. We just met, but I think we will be best friends. A little bit about me: I was born on July 31, 2021, and am a handsome Golden Retriever. I used to live with a really big house with a lot of other dogs, especially my mom, Elle, my 6 brothers and 4 sisters. My new mom came and played with me and my brother, but she chose to take me home with her because when she met me, I thought she was more fun to watch and chase after than the leaves my brother was playing with. Life in my new home is VERY different. There is only one dog here besides me, and he is BIG and LOUD! The house is small, the grass has tall spots, and the ground has rocks. I like the rocks. I choose a favorite one to look at every time we go outside, but New Mom keeps giving me different chewy toys and won't let me keep the rocks. At night, New Mom put me in a crate and put a cover over it, but I didn't like that, and I TRIED to tell her that, but she didn't let me come out that first night. The next day, I showed her that I don't like small places, but she is helping it be more fun, so I try. As long as there is no cover, I am quieter about it. Sometimes I do miss my dog mom and siblings, but the person New Mom calls Aunt Marlo gave me a stuffy that smelled like her, so that was nice... until my new friend Pyro (a husky) rubbed his smells all over it. Pyro isn't the only new friend in the house. There is also a CAT! She likes to be near New Mom too, but mostly ignores me... unless I am yelling at Pyro for taking my chewy... then the cat comes and yells at him too. Sometimes during the day, New Mom let's me sleep on the bed and when I wake up, Patience (the cat) is lying on the bed near me. New Mom says Patience doesn't like dogs and just hides from them or ignores them, but she seems to like me!

Helo is working so hard for his handler and is already naturally alerting to her needs. Patience is key with training and this boy is showing that for his handler often, but his dedication to her has made this journey magical to watch.

Dog Breed:

Golden Retriever


Light Golden


July 31, 2021

CGC Date:

October 15, 2023

Graduation Date:

Feb 27, 2023

CGCA Date:

Feb 27, 2023

CGCU Date:

Oct 14, 2023

PAT Date:

Feb 27, 2023


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