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Lolly (short for Lollipop) is a Standard Poodle who comes from Figz Poodles. She is intended to become an Autism Service Dog. Lolly at 19 months old completed Puppy Manners, Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and Therapy classes at Pet Smart before joining Scout's Legacy. She also took a CGC readiness class, but she is not ready. She loves receiving attention and affection, and she gets very excited around kids. Her favorite toys are soft plushies, rope toys, and toys that have hidden parts that she has to find and pull out. She loves playing outside with her rope toy that has a plush balloon on the end. She loves to play fetch, pull, chew on her toys, and have treats and chews.

Lolly is fun-loving, goofy, and a bit headstrong. She’s a great traveler and has been on many road trips with us. She constantly receives compliments on her shoes and being such a pretty dog, and we love her immensely.

Dog Breed:

Standard Poodle




February 5, 2021

CGC Date:

Graduation Date:

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