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Miles is German Shepherd born in December of 2014. Miles is a Medical Alert, Response and Mobility Service Dog. He absolutely loves to work and help his handler.He is her world as she is his. He can pick up dropped objects, alert to her medical needs, push handicap buttons, retrieve her meds, Block in front or behind her to give her space as well as Many Many More. Miles LOVES: to retrieve..his favorites are tennis balls and his Jolly ball. LONG naps, playing with his owners nephew. Miles is that once in a million dogs and fits like a puzzle piece with his owner. They are a team and there truly isn't one without the other.

Dog Breed:

German Shepherd




December 3, 2014

CGC Date:

October 22, 2015

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

May 15, 2016

CGCU Date:

May 15, 2016

PAT Date:

Nov 25, 2017


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