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Nolan has joined our program in a very different way, and we are so excited to watch him grow! Nolan is a young male Lab/Golden cross. We are excited to help finish his training to become a Service Dog for his handler. His handler wrote a fun bio for him!

Hello! A little about Nolan… 🕺🏻He is a sweet, energetic, very goofy boy. He is a Lab/Golden cross, around 56 pounds (give or take!). I raised Nolan for CCI, but he was released from their program due to his prey drive being a bit too strong to match the needs of their clients, so I adopted him back. 🙀Nolan loves to train and learn new things and he has a ton of try. He is super fun to work with! He can be a bit impatient sometimes, wanting to show me all he knows before I’ve asked for it...impulse control is not his strong suit. 🥴 Nolan also loves to go for walks, play with his toys, and swim(a little too much!). He loves all people and he gets along well with other dogs, but doesn’t like to be barked at by unknown dogs.
Nolan is a big snuggler, which I love! He often asks for “snuggle time” on my lap and I happily ablidge! 🥰
My sweet boy certainly isn’t perfect and we both have so much to learn still, but I’m looking forward to the process! 🖤

Dog Breed:

Lab/Golden Cross




October 13, 2021

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