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Padfoot was rescued by her handler a few years ago when she was 9 months old. We don't know what she is but we speculate her being some kind of Chow/Husky mix. She is a looker for sure!!! She has some training before coming to us, but we are helping them get the training solid and the desensitization down pat!! We are excited to see how this girl does!!! Padfoot is now graduated as a Mobility and Medical Response Service Dog and works for her handler amazingly. We are so proud of this team and how far they have come!

Dog Breed:





February 2, 2015

CGC Date:

June 15, 2019

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Jun 15, 2019

CGCU Date:

Jun 15, 2019

PAT Date:

Sep 21, 2020


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