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Hi I am Scout! I am the pride and joy to my mommy and the reason this whole thing got started. I have been trained to do Deep Pressure Therapy, Item Retrieval, Blocking, Hitting Handicap Buttons, Momentum Pull, Find Help, Find the Car, Find the Exit, and Stopping OCD Behavior. While I no longer work out in public I still work from home and love my job. I teach all the pups that come into my home to behave, and mommy still takes me with her to train with basic obedience puppies.

Scout passed away in December of 2021 and we are still feeling the loss of such an amazing dog. We hope he visits often and knows that he truly changed the lives of many.

Dog Breed:

Border Collie/Lab


Black and White


November 18, 2006

CGC Date:

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

CGCU Date:

PAT Date:


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