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Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear is a Labrador Retriever male who is Trained with us to be a mobility and medical response service dog! Smokey loves any toy, cardboard, running around the backyard, his human grandparents, and napping. Despite being a lab he is the loves snoring his way through most of the day, thankfully his snores are actually calming to me. I'm very low energy most of the time so I’m happy for this. However, he is always up for an adventure when it’s time to go. He always wants to be with me and hates being left behind more than anything. He is extremely sweet, loving, and has never met a stranger. Smokey is a total goofball and always makes everyone happy, which is way I call him my smile! Despite being graduated, we are always working on learning new things. Smokey has completely changed my life and allowed me the freedom to live and experience things like I always wanted. As long long as he is by my side, there is nothing we can’t achieve.

Dog Breed:

Labrador Retriever




February 5, 2019

CGC Date:

March 5, 2022

Graduation Date:

CGCA Date:

Oct 28, 2022

CGCU Date:

Mar 18, 2022

PAT Date:

Nov 19, 2022


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